The prime requirement of the client was to design a house with four bedrooms, with two bedrooms on the ground floor. The client who is a retired civil engineer wants his house to be a traditional one with a large pooja room. The client who was from a joint family, wanted his home to be similar to a traditional nalukettu.

            The architect planned the house with a central courtyard and the pooja room in focus, Architect has painted a mural in the wall in order to emphasis the focus. And use of traditional and locally available laterite stones which are carefully selected and exposed with intricate detailing work added the ambiance of a traditional house.

            Since the plot was in a small slope architect has segregated the common space with living dining and kitchen in a different level. Architect has used the common spaces like sitout, balcony and space around courtyard to the maximum by giving built in seats of exposed laterite with intricate detailing work so that it can accommodate easily a family get together during festival time. The idea of cantilevered semicircular staircase was to make it more sleek and less space consuming.

            Architect has used cost effective technology like filler slabs and exposed laterite masonry which ultimately reduced the amount of cement, sand and steel.

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